We Helped The Sleep Styler Generate Millions in Sales in Less than 12 Months

The Sleep Styler officially launched their product on Kickstarter and raised $46,938 in 30 days with a goal of $10,000. We blew past the 10k goal within 48hrs and provided a rock solid team ensuring her customers we satisfied and nurtured through the entire process. Our Kickstarter Launch system has been tried and tested using great content, clever email marketing and intelligently targeted digital ads. We were able to keep her ROI scaling positively while she grew a tremendous brand awareness in the process. During the campaign, we worked extensively with bloggers and publicists in order to continue this momentum. We connected with dozens of publishers who were ecstatic to try the product and share it with their audience. During this process, we aligned The Sleep Styler with ABC’s Shark Tank.

During our PR efforts, we aligned with ABC and Shark Tank to get The Sleep Styler in a position to pitch. Their episode aired 3/3/2017 and we worked diligently with them in order to get put their Marketing and Creative Content needs on autopilot.